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The allure of a Provence wedding is undeniable. With its rolling vineyards, charming villages, and fields of fragrant lavender, this picturesque region in the south of France has long been a dream destination for couples seeking a romantic and timeless setting for their special day. As we enter 2023, the world of weddings is evolving, and Provence weddings are no exception. This year promises a fresh array of tips and trends that will elevate your Provence wedding to new heights, creating an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Join the best wedding planner Provence, on a journey as we explore the latest insights and inspirations to make your 2023 Provence wedding an extraordinary celebration of love amidst the beauty of southern France.

Provence Wedding Trends for 2023:

As we enter 2023, it’s time to explore the latest trends shaping Provence weddings, making them even more enchanting and unforgettable.

  • Intimate Venues and Micro Weddings:

In 2023, couples are gravitating toward more intimate wedding settings. Rather than hosting extravagant affairs, many are choosing to celebrate their love with close friends and family in smaller, more intimate Provence wedding venues. Provence is ideal for this trend, offering a range of charming, cozy spaces such as vineyard estates, historic châteaux, and rustic farmhouses, perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Lavender-Inspired Themes:

When you think of Provence, one image that likely comes to mind is vast lavender fields. In 2023, lavender-inspired themes are all the rage for Provence weddings. From lavender-infused bouquets to lavender-scented décor and favors, incorporating this iconic flower into your wedding will add a touch of Provencal charm and create a soothing and aromatic ambiance.

  • Rustic-Chic Décor:

Provence weddings have long embraced the rustic-chic aesthetic, and this trend continues to thrive in 2023. Think wooden farm tables adorned with lace runners, vintage French pottery, and mason jar centerpieces filled with wildflowers. This blending of rustic and elegant elements creates an enchanting atmosphere that captures the essence of Provence – says the best wedding planner Provence.

  • Local Cuisine and Wine:

One of the hallmarks of Provence is its delectable cuisine and renowned wines. In 2023, couples incorporate local flavors into their wedding menus, featuring dishes like bouillabaisse, ratatouille, and lavender-infused desserts. Remember to pair these culinary delights with regional wines, giving your guests an authentic Provence taste.

  • Personalized Touches:

2023 is all about adding personal touches to your Provence wedding. Couples opt for customized stationery, monogrammed favors, and even handwritten vows to make their celebration unique and meaningful. These personal details create a lasting impression and allow you to express your love story authentically.

  • Boho Bridal Fashion:

For brides, bohemian-inspired fashion is a standout trend in 2023. Flowy lace gowns, floral crowns, and relaxed hairstyles perfectly complement the laid-back yet romantic atmosphere of a Provence wedding. This style exudes elegance while maintaining a sense of effortlessness that aligns perfectly with the rustic-chic theme.

  • Al Fresco Celebrations:

Embracing the natural beauty of Provence, many couples are opting for al fresco weddings in 2023. Picture an open-air ceremony amidst the vineyards or a reception under a starlit sky. These outdoor venues allow your guests to immerse themselves fully in the enchanting surroundings, creating a memorable and magical atmosphere.

  • Live Entertainment:

Live entertainment is making a significant comeback in 2023 Provence weddings. Consider local musicians playing traditional Provencal tunes during the cocktail hour or a jazz band to set the mood during dinner. Live music adds a touch of sophistication and charm that recorded tracks can’t replicate.

  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Choices:

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental issues, sustainability is a key focus for many couples planning a Provence wedding in 2023. From eco-friendly invitations to biodegradable confetti, there are numerous ways to minimize the environmental impact of your celebration. Choose vendors who share your commitment to sustainability and support local businesses whenever possible.

  • Wedding Favors with a Twist:

Provence wedding favors are taking on a new twist in 2023. Couples are moving away from traditional trinkets in favor of practical and locally sourced gifts like olive oil, artisanal soap, or miniature bottles of regional wines. These favors reflect the spirit of Provence and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

2023 Provence wedding planning Tips:

Certainly, here are some tips from the best wedding planner Provence, to plan a Provence wedding in 2023:

  • Start Early:

Begin your wedding planning well in advance, especially if you’re considering a destination wedding in Provence. This will give you ample time to secure your preferred venue and vendors, ensuring you get the best choices for your special day.

  • Select the Perfect Provence wedding venues:

Choose a venue that aligns with your vision for a Provence wedding. Make sure it reflects your desired ambiance, whether it’s a vineyard, château, farmhouse, or garden. Don’t forget to consider the number of guests the Provence wedding venues can comfortably accommodate.

  • Embrace the Lavender Theme:

Incorporate lavender into your wedding decor, from bouquets to table centerpieces. This pays homage to the region’s iconic flower and adds a delightful fragrance and a touch of Provencal charm to your celebration.

  • Explore Rustic-Chic Décor:

The rustic-chic aesthetic is a timeless choice for Provence weddings. Incorporate wooden elements, vintage crockery, and wildflowers into your decor to create an enchanting atmosphere that captures the region’s essence.

  • Indulge in Local Cuisine and Wine:

Provence is famous for its delicious cuisine and wine. Explore local flavors by including regional dishes and wines in your wedding menu. This will delight your guests and give them a true taste of Provence.

  • Add Personal Touches:

Personalize your wedding with custom stationery, monogrammed favors, and handwritten vows. These small touches make your celebration unique and meaningful, reflecting your love story.

  • Consider Boho Bridal Fashion:

For brides, consider a bohemian-inspired wedding gown, floral crowns, and relaxed hairstyles. This style complements the Provence ambiance, exuding elegance with a touch of effortlessness.

  • Plan for Al Fresco Celebrations:

Make the most of Provence’s natural beauty by planning outdoor ceremonies or receptions. This allows your guests to immerse themselves in the stunning surroundings fully.

  • Live Entertainment:

Enhance the atmosphere with live entertainment. Consider local musicians playing traditional Provencal tunes or a jazz band to set the mood. Live music adds sophistication and charm to your celebration.

  • Sustainability Matters:

Incorporate eco-friendly choices into your wedding planning, such as using sustainable materials for decor and Favors. Supporting local businesses and reducing waste are essential considerations in today’s world.

These tips and trends will help you plan and execute a memorable Provence wedding in 2023, ensuring that your special day captures the romance and beauty of this enchanting region in southern France.


In conclusion, a Provence wedding in 2023 is an opportunity to embark on a romantic journey in one of the most enchanting regions of southern France. As you plan your special day, consider the tips and trends highlighted in this article. From the choice of an intimate Provence wedding venues to the incorporation of lavender-themed decor, the embrace of rustic-chic elements, and the celebration of local cuisine and wine, these trends are designed to help you craft a wedding that is both timeless and reflective of the unique charm of Provence.

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